Working Information for Canton Construction

Part A: Type of Construction

1. Company name?

Canton Construction

2. Preferred Bin Company? (Brock, GSI, Behlin, Sukup, etc.)


3. Preferred bin size? (105+, 105, 90, 75 etc.)


4. Preferred bin type? (hopper, flat bottom, dryer)

Flat bottom and pencil bins

5. Willingness to do bins with accessories?

Yes, all accessories

6. Other construction services? (Concrete, steel buildings, towers, etc.)

Bin Repair

Part B: Qualifications, Certifications, Training

1. OSHA training? (10 or 30 hour course)

Four employees qualified at the 10 hour level

2. First Aid?

Four Employees

3. Fork Lift Safety and Operation?

Six employees

4. Scaffolding Safety?

Three employees

5. Rigging Safety and Operation?

Four employees

6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

All Employees

7. How many employees have all of the above listed training?

Four employees

8. How many qualified supervisors do?

Four employees

9. Approximate years of crew experience?

Many years

Part C: Company Safety Programs

1. Safety inspections?

Annual on Equipment

2. Housekeeping? (clean up and tool storage)


3. Electrical?

Twice per job site

4. Tool Box meetings?


5. Job training?


6. Site safety meetings?


7. Substance abuse program or policy?

Call 911 Program

8. OSHA 300 forms?


9. Safety director?

Dan Tomjack at Compass

10. Anything else your company had but not listed above?

Annual Evaluations

Part D: Insurance

1. Mod Factor? Limit?

Yes, 87.0

2. Bondable? Limit?

If requested

3. General Liability? Limit?

Yes, $1,000,000

4. Co-Insurance? Limit?

If requested

5. Workers Compensation? Limit? Area/Location?

Yes, $1,000,000 USA

6. Builders Risk? Limit?

No, upon request only

7. Auto insurance?

Yes, $1,000,000

Canton Construction is an American owned company.
An American Company